Essay editing is no less than a creative exercise.  It allows an individual to explore several avenues, research materials and the latest news across the world in order to produce content enriched with rational perspectives, factual data and personal opinions. Even though the task appears to be interesting, things might turn complicated for an individual who lacks creative ideas to incorporate or adequate research materials to seek references from.

Now that you are struggling to produce the perfect essay, invest some time in reading this blog for suggestions and smart hacks recommended by the academic experts.

It is suggested to write and revise simultaneously

Prof. Fredrick Johansson, an academic counsellor and blogger, suggests that a student must focus on writing and revising the essay at the same time. As a result, they won’t have a huge chunks of paragraphs to evaluate after completing the essay.

Prepare an outline of your ideas prior to writing

It is said that the students must invest enough time in preparing a diagram of their ideas. For example, if the essay topic is argumentative in nature, focus on outlining the paper based on the following aspects.

  • The primary context of argument.
  • Sources that would validate your argument.
  • Goal or primary objective behind drafting the essay.
  • Types of literature or archived journals you would explore to draft the essay.

Validation of sources should be your top priority

You may compose the essay with ample sources and case studies in support of the primary point of discussion.

Unless you are citing those sources and validating their origin, the entire work would eventually be subjected to plagiarism.

Abide by the rules of referencing

University professors and academic writers emphasise on the context of referencing. Unless an essay writing helper follows the correct format of referencing and abide by its conventions, the work won’t be regarded as a flawless piece. Here are a few basic rules of referencing one must consider taking note of.

  • The reference list should be on a separate sheet at the end of the document.
  • Organise the reference list in alphabetical order.
  • There should be full or blank line of space between each line of text.

Now that you are aware of the strategies recommended by the experts, put your best foot forward, incorporate the suggestions and produce a winning essay this semester.

Good luck!

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