Qualitative Research :-

Strengths: - Qualitative research is a scientific method of research that includes observations in gathering important data. This type of research helps in delivering the actual meaning, concepts, symbols and descriptions of the topic.
Qualitative research provide various important information that will help the respondents to carry out the research.

Qualitative research can be applied in every discipline of the subjects that may be related to social & natural sciences. This will help in providing depth information on the research paper topics that can easily help the respondents to properly observe the findings.

In this type of research, it helps to simplify the complex findings to make easy for the readers.

This type of research allows flexibility in the research.

This type of research method allows to become more responsive for the readers. This will also help the needs of other stakeholders.

Weaknesses: - In this type of research, gathering the data is time consuming.

Inspite of data gathering, analysing of the data is also time consuming for the researches.

The interpretation of the result is sometime gets biased according to the researchers perspective.

The conclusions found in this sometimes not properly organised. This is because some of the topics or subjects are having unique features according to different respondents.

Quantitative Research

Strengths: - Quantitative research provides data that is available in numbers that can be easily applied in the statistical test and to interpret the data. This will also help to make a descriptive analysis on various statistical method like ANOVA, multiple correlations and other statistical analysis method.

This will create an automatic means of collecting the data like surveys and other statistical way.

Quantitative studies will help in providing data in more descriptive way that provides crucial information in the study to easily interpret the data.

Weakness: - In this type of research, the data can be easily manipulated like the sample size can be changed to determine the exact result.

If the sample size take n in this study is compared using small sample size, then the result may give fail statistical findings even if the findings are accurate.

This involves an improper representation of the targeted population that has been used in the research.

There is a lack of proper for collecting the data. This is because it generally requires a larger sample size for getting the exact result. In any case, the data is not correct because of political, government, public service and organizational constraints.

While conducting this type of research, some of the researchers face problems to control their environment during survey. They sometimes will have to depend on the time frame rather than depending on the quality of data.

It only provides limited outcomes related to the findings. It is limited to the research proposal.

This is more expensive and time consuming as compared to qualitative research methodology. This is because the survey process will require a lot of time to distribute the questions and receive feedback from respondents.

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