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As you are a student of electronics, telecommunications, engineering, information technology, or computer science, IEEE referencing is something you need to always keep in mind. You will surely need this in your whole academic session and continue using it.

It will be a significant help with coursework and thesis you will conduct in your study profession. So, now we know that it is necessary to learn IEEE referencing, but do you know what it is? I’m sure many of you wouldn’t have a good idea about this sort of referencing style.

So, let's discuss the things you must know when you are talking about IEEE referencing.

What do you mean when you say IEEE referencing?

IEEE stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers as it was recommended by the same as the commonly used referencing style in engineering. Therefore, all journals that you will find published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers have used the same referencing style.

Also, many research articles or journals guided by the college essay help service use the IEEE referencing for engineering and other technical researchers.

IEEE referencing comes with the guide to IEEE citation

Where other refereeing styles citation focuses on addressing the name and the year of publication, of ten articles as citation, IEEE referencing works entirely differently.

You will not find any name or year in the citation, just the number from the reference list kept between two square brackets.

Though it changes if you quit precisely anything from the paper, as you mention the page number and the number of the paper.

What to do with the author's name?

As you are doing an assignment writing, you will have to mention the author’s name or the research to give him/her credit for proposing the statement or the findings. In such cases, what do we do?

We simply cite the paper in a similar citation process, but in this case, we put it just after the author's name, which is different from other referring style citations.

Don't forget about the reference list

So, knowledge about IEEE referencing and citation process is clearly understood, but what about reference list? Is it similar to those that are used in other referencing styles?

Not exactly Here, the reference list includes the serial number of the reference in square brackets, continued with the initial and the surname, the paper's title, place of the publication, and the name of the published and the year of publication.

Reading and understanding referencing style is a bit complicated, so try looking at the essay writer service, where you will find a good example of how to do IEEE referencing.


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noah harry at September 18, 2021 at 3:25am EDT

What do you mean by lEEE referencing? read more It is the first that I’m hearing about this and here they provided this will be helpful for the students who are studying electronics telecommunication IT and engineering in computer science.So the students who are studying the subjects can make use of the details given here and also the syllabus provided here