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  1. Finding out what the test will be actually like- Firstly, preparation must be started with searching for the format of the test. It is to be checked whether it is actually going to be an either multiple-choice, essay or anything else.

  2. Making exams one and only focus- It may often happen that the anxiety of the exam is actually greatly worse by some other kinds of things which are highly stressful. For avoiding such things, one must be doing his best to solve various issues before starting for the preparation of the nursing essay.

  3. Studying one portion at a specific sitting- The syllabus is to be broken down into some smaller parts and one particular portion is to be studied in a specific setting.

  4. Organizing a specific place for study- A properly organized place of study will be putting all of the various thoughts in a specific order.

  5. Getting rid of several distractions- There may be various things that can be greatly distracting as well as interrupting the procedure of studying. It is hence very much essential to entirely get rid of several things that can be catching attention.

  6. Stop sticking to one place of study- The alternation of the environment will be helping the brain a lot for recollecting similar information.

  7. Utilizing clues that are visual- Visual memory is considered to be one of the components of learning which are basic.

  8. Grouping up with all the friends- The method of group study will be working if all of the various members are very much disciplined as well as responsible.

  9. Sleeping and eating well- Nutrition must not at all be forgotten and sleeping is also a vital thing for cracking any test properly.

  10. Attending sessions of review- Sessions of review are really a great opportunity for preparing for any test.

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