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Creating food truck culture in walkable downtown Howell. See the attached link for inspiration: http://www.saucemagazine.com/foodtruckfriday.php

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Howell needs a new grocery store that provides healthy options like gluten free and organics. Why not a Trader Joe's or an Earth fare store??

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Showing results for: I believe Howell has an extremely vibrant downtown area with much to offer. Our fesitvals are second to none. Our historic buildings are beautiful. Our area arts council and community theater programs are successful. The one detraction from the amazing things happening in town is our crumbling neighborhoods. Our housing stock in the historic neighborhoods is increasingly renter occupied. This is causing blight and disregard throughout the city and has been happening for years. I would like to see the city promote the "living" in town benefits in addition to the benefits of "visiting" Howell. We need more owner occupied houses in the historic neighborhoods to preserve the value, safety, and asthetics of coming to Howell for any reason. Owner/occupants are more vested in thier properties than those who rent to earn income. If our neighborhoods continue to decline, you can be sure that the businesses in town will suffer business loss as well. If our neighborhoods continue to decline, being a "walkable" community will be irrelevant because of safety concerns. I feel it is of interest to all parties to encourage owner occupied housing in the city. ×

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4 of 5 contractors bidding on my basement did not include the required egress window. Brandon chase condos forbids egress windows but is okay with finishing basements illegally without them. These are elderly people for the most part that can hardly walk to the mailbox and back. How would they get up a smoke filled staircase? Lives are at stake here. If the building burns, the insurance does not have to pay. Howell does not need burned out buildings with no money to re-build them. The city council needs to address the lack of building code enforcement.

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