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Let's face it. No matter how vigorous your car care methods are, a problem could arise every now and then. Even the best cars, and the best car owners, have to deal with miscellaneous car troubles.

If you run into car-related issues, it's never wise to ignore them. Getting it fixed at the onset can save you time and money in the long run. It's imperative to consider your safety, and the safety of your passengers too.

Getting your routine service done on time is just one aspect of proper car maintenance. Despite that, issues could still arise. That's why the trusty auto service experts at Service My Car have compiled this list.

In this list of the 8 most common car problems, we look at potential causes, and as always, offer solutions. Read on to know what the best methods of tackling the most common car troubles are.

#1 – A faulty engine

The engine module consists of a plethora of moving parts. Though all these moving parts help the engine function efficiently, you could still run into issues.

One of the most common engine-related issues is engine sputtering or engine misfiring. If you find yourself dealing with such an issue, don't hesitate to give Service My Car a shout. Our comprehensive car engine repair will ensure your engine, and car, gets back to optimal performance levels.

#2 – Subpar fuel economy

Like the engine module, there are several components in the fuel system. As long as the engine is running properly, your fuel consumption rates stay at an ideal level.

Once the fuel system parts wear out, you may notice poor fuel economy. It can be anything from the fuel filter to the air filter. The best way to deal with this is to be proactive when it comes to getting your periodic car service done.

Service My Car offers tailormade service packages that provide the utmost convenience for all your car servicing needs.

#3 – Miscellaneous warning lights

An illuminated warning sign on the dashboard is one of the most common issues. This could be anything from the check engine light to the battery failure light.

Regardless of what light you come across, it's best to get in touch with Service My Car at once. Our team of expert auto mechanics will carry out car scanning and diagnostics to identify, and fix the issue.

#4 – A dead car battery

As we've stated before, most car batteries last for around 3 years. If you're dealing with a dead battery within this period, there could be several factors.

It's typically caused as a result of reduced amps, decreasing its ability to sustain a charge. Other reasons range from damaged alternators, to issues with the temperature sensor, and so on.

If you're facing a flat battery, and are in need of a car battery replacement, Service My Car can assist you.

#5 – A failing timing belt

If you happen to hear a ticking sound coming from your car engine, it's probably a failing timing belt. Since the timing belt is attached by various pulleys, it can wear out with extensive use.

As a result, a worn out timing belt starts to produce ticking sounds. If you're hearing this while driving, it's best to get an expert to inspect your timing belt.

The best timing belt experts are found at Service My Car. You can get a hassle-free timing belt replacement by requesting a quote today.

#6 – A flat tyre

Flat tyres are typically a result of striking a sharp object. However, it's possible that simple wear and tear can cause such issues. You're advised to get your tyres rotated periodically to avoid extensive wear and tear.

If you still end up facing such an issue, Service My Car can help you get back on the road in no time. Our roadside assistance services include swift flat tyre assistance.

#7 – A slippery auto transmission

If maintained properly, an auto transmission module should sustain for over 300,000km without issues. Since there are several components in the transmission system, a failure in any of them can cause slippage.

If you face transmission slippage or your gears aren't shifting smoothly, it's best to get an inspection done at once. Service My Car offers unparalleled car transmission repairs to fix any issues that persist with your transmission module.

#8 – A jittery steering wheel

There are myriad issues when it comes to a jittery steering wheel. However, from our experience, the most common issue is wheel misalignment.

One of the tell-tale signs of wheel misalignment is a vibrating steering wheel, especially on turns. If you're still unsure, it doesn't hurt to get an expert's opinion on what might be causing the problem.

Book a wheel alignment service at Service My Car and get back on the road with smooth steering today.

In summary, all cars require periodic car maintenance to function properly. You can be proactive by getting support services like oil changes, wheel alignments, etc. done. Yet, various other issues may arise.

The best practice in such scenarios is to have a trusty car workshop in hand. Service My Car is a modern automotive solution that gives you access to the region's best workshops. Service My Car offers a range of services including car oil change, car engine repair, car sanitization, car transmission repair, car repair near me, and many other services.

With car garages that specialize in certain brands and repairs, you can stay assured that your car gets taken to the best place. Request a quote for your car repair today on our website, or on the Service My Car app.

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