Early cataract growth could be treated in several ways, and cataract surgery tends to be a last resort for when perspective is influenced more deeply. You may have lots of questions over cataract surgery fees and what's involved. The good thing is these procedures are very secure, inexpensive and can greatly boost your vision and quality of life. Whilst the cataract surgery charge may be frightening in the beginning, many people may find they are included in some type of wellness insurance.

Each event is going to be various and it could depend on many factors, such as for instance carrying cups, and the degree to which a person's eye issues effect on typical life. The surgery may be considered non-essential, for instance, if you might just use glasses alternatively, but if you do choose surgery regardless of this, then you might be responsible for a bigger percentage of the fee than a person who definitely needs it. But the best things to do should be to speak together with your doctor.

Some alternatives to think about as solutions are highlighted below. Dependant on the total level of the cataracts and the vision that you've, some of those alternatives can make a difference whilst in different instances they may possibly not be of much use, and surgery might be your best bet. Conversing with your physician will help you determine the most effective choice for you. Some vision declines are now available to help you with any cataract symptoms.

They're a cheaper option to other therapies, nevertheless, there is different information and study on their stability and effectiveness. Your normal lens is made to manage the light flow to your eye. The lens will naturally age and may create a condition we realize as cataract. The organic contact in your attention needs to either be changed or handled but surgery may possibly not at all times be the answer. Poor light will not help the eyes at all and may lead to eyestrain.

Ensuring right light all the time gives your eyes the very best possiblity to function and be healthy. Shielding your eyes from bright lights and sunlight is crucial, but also allowing yourself some experience of excellent illumination is important. The best eyewear might help increase perspective and reduce the chances of seeking cataract surgery. Ensure that when you have prescribed a certain type of eyewear that you really wear the glasses and take care of any eyewear you do have. Typical examinations certainly are a should to make certain you are always wearing the proper eyewear, and recall your perspective can change around time. There's some evidence to show that a diet rich in free radicals will help reduce or decrease the development of cataracts. 

The Gulf is prone to a good sandstorm every now and then. When they do occur, they can pose some serious problems on the road. This is because visibility drops to zero at that point. You're never advised to be on the road during a sandstorm. It's always better to avoid driving during one, but you can't predict when it's about to occur. People who want, or have, to drive should remain alert because strong winds can result in sudden periods of limited or no visibility. This comes about as a result of the dense sand and dust that permeates the atmosphere.

Having said that, if you have to drive during a sandstorm, stay alert by following these 6 tips.

What are the top sandstorm driving safety tips you must follow?

Prepare by checking the weather forecast

It's always a good idea to be proactive. If there are signs of an impending sandstorm, check the weather forecast before you head out. With weather updates readily available on our phones or laptops, it'll help you make a decisive choice. If the sandstorm is suspected to be strong, it's best to avoid driving. Avoid any additional risk by staying at home.

Turn on your exterior lights while driving

If you get caught up in a sandstorm on the road, turn on the vital exterior lights while driving. This includes your fog lights, your headlights, and your hazard lights as well if you're stuck in traffic. Since there's such low visibility, you must inform other vehicles of your presence on the road. The best way to do so - turn on the bright lights. You’re advised to keep a periodic check on all your lights for such occasions. If you find that some or all don’t seem to be working, it could be an electrical issue. The battery is the most common source of such electrical problems. Stay proactive by getting a car battery replacement from a trusty automotive maintenance solution like Service My Car. This will ensure you stay prepared for adverse driving situations like a sandstorm on the road.

Don't stop your vehicle in the middle of the road

If you're driving through a sandstorm, it's not advisable to stop your car unless there's some area away from the road. This reduces the risk of potential collisions. Instead, you must drive slowly and steadily. As a bonus tip - you're advised to drive in the middle lane and increase the distance between your car and the one that's in front of you. If you happen to have a car breakdown, you need to have the best roadside assistance on speed dial. With our convenient roadside assistance services, you can get a car recovery in no time.

Keep all your windows closed

It goes without saying, but driving in a sandstorm is very dangerous. If any window, or the sunroof, is open, dust or sand can get in your eyes. This can divert your focus from the road, and increase the risk of an accident. It's best to close all the windows and vents in your car when there's a sandstorm.

Maintain a safe distance with the vehicle in front of you

As this is the standard of general driving etiquette, extra attention is necessary to this rule in a sandstorm. Reduced road visibility also makes other vehicles invisible, which leads to unwanted surprises if you drive very close to other cars. Slow down your vehicle and give other drivers enough room to move around safely. Getting a scrape or a dent in such situations can be a massive headache. However, you can always get bodywork done with us. Whether you want a thorough car wash or you need car detailing work, Service My Car has you covered.

Strictly adhere to general driving etiquette

Sandstorms bring tons of dusty sand that fly in the air and impair your vision by covering your car's windshield. It's critical to put all your attention on the road. Keep all distractions like mobile phones or other devices aside and turn off the radio to hear any external noise.

Driving in harsh conditions in Dubai like sandstorms can be tough for your Toyota to get through. If you experience any minor bumps from such situations on your Kia, Service My Car can bring your car back to its best. Our experienced technicians will service your car in our Kia Garage in Dubai and get you back on the road in no time.

Moreover, such situations can affect the appearance of your car too. Whether you need a thorough car wash, or any car detailing work, we do it all.

Get your car back to its best today. Request your free quote on our website or on the Service My Car app.

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