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Jenna Hetry, writer 3 months ago

Most people are influenced by their emotions and feelings while making decisions or undertaking different tasks. It is possible to make wrong decisions when a person is influenced by emotions. To deal with the effects of feelings in decision-making processes and adopting of new behaviors, particularly in leadership, one needs to employ emotional intelligence. Through the use of emotional intelligence, leaders can understand their capacity, think logically, and learn how to deal with different people in an organization. Emotional intelligence (EI) refers to people’s abilities to understand and manage their emotions and those of people around them. Emotional intelligence helps people understand their intentions, behaviors, goals, and responses. The main concepts of emotional intelligence are leadership and communication. Leadership involves directing a group of people towards attaining a common goal within an institution or working environment. Communication involves conveying one’s message, ideas, and suggestions so as to improve the performance of an organization. Through the use of emotional intelligence, it is possible for leaders to understand how they feel, the effects of their emotions, and how they affect people around them. The realization helps people to learn how they can interact with others, and come up with a way of improving their relationship harmoniously and productively. People who effectively use their emotional intelligence skills have mastered the process of managing their feelings. As a result, they ensure that their passions do not influence their actions, their thinking, and decision-making. When individuals are faced with stressful situations, it is important that they remain calm and think of a strategy that can help them deal with issues affecting them. The use of emotional intelligence also helps people understand their intuitions. By comprehending their instincts, they can come up with excellent decisions in demanding environments. Elements of Emotional Intelligence There are five main elements of emotional intelligence which include self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, social skills, and motivation. Self-awareness as an aspect of emotional intelligence and a state of being aware of personal feelings. People who are self-aware always understand their zeal. The understanding helps them in making sure that their feelings do not influence their behaviors, actions, or even rule them. Self-regulation helps one in controlling their personal impulses. By controlling their resolve, individuals ensure that they do not become jealous or angry when faced with situations. It also ensures that they do not make spontaneous or careless decisions. Concept of Emotional Quotient and Traditional Intelligence Quotient Emotional quotients (EQ) relates to the capacity of a person to understand themselves, their emotions, and distinguish different feelings. EQ involve the use of passionate information in making decisions and improving one’s behavior. It helps one adjust emotions to adapt to a given environment, which is necessary for realizing the set goals. On the other hand, traditional intelligence quotient maintains that individuals are born with a certain amount of intelligence. According to this theory, brilliance involves the ability of logic and language. Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Leadership is important in the growth and development of an organization because it is involved in decision-making processes and influencing the direction taken by the given organization. For leaders to operate effectively, they need to rely on emotional intelligence. The main reason why leaders need emotional intelligence is that it relates to the understanding of how people work and therefore, offers hints on effective workforce management. When a leader understands the feelings of people within a workplace environment, it is possible to decide how to deal with them. By learning the behaviors of the workers in an organization, a leader can come up with the most applicable approach to dealing with issues affecting them. It helps in improving the management of the workforce, which in turn help in boosting the productivity of an organization. Another reason why a leader needs emotional intelligence skills is when dealing with problems facing employees. Understanding of people's feeling will help in coming up with the right solution to the issues facing them. Different employees are faced with different problems in the workplace. Thus, to improve the work productivity, leaders must understand all the problems facing their employees to come up with the right approach to solving those issues. Such an approach will help in ensuring that all employees work in a conducive working environment. The main element of emotional intelligence that leaders must be aware of is to improve their leadership effectiveness which includes social skills and motivation. Leaders must also know how to socialize with different people in an organization. The approach will help in collecting ideas and suggestions which can help in improving the operation of a firm. Social skills are important to a leader because management is a process that involves dealing with different people. By employing the interpersonal element of emotional intelligence, a leader can learn about the concerns of every individual. By collecting information about those concerns, leaders can come up with the most appropriate strategies for dealing with such scenarios. The method will help employees to feel comfortable while working, which in turn will improve their work efficiency and productivity. Motivation is an important element of emotional intelligence because it can be used by a leader to influence the performance of their employees in the workplace. When workers are motivated, their morale can increase making them work efficiently. Additionally, they become willing to work hard and ensure that organizational goals are realized. Thus, by employing the motivational element of intelligence, a leader can come up with the best inspirational strategies to help employees improve their productivity. The main strategy which the organization could undertake to improve the social skills of leaders in an organization and positively influence their emotional intelligence, relate to giving them independence in the decision-making process. When a leader allows workers to makes decisions independently, they can learn about their feelings and emotions and ensure that they do not let their temper interfere with professional requirements of their jobs. For instance, leaders in top-performing companies like Wal-Mart, are given the authority to make independent decisions, which can improve vibrancy and enhance the growth of the company. Therefore, with independence in the decision-making process, people can choose appropriate and intelligent choices to make the most relevant decisions.

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Pakistan Online Store now available. Pills, Creams, Capsule Representative and more on


Pakistan Online Store now available. Pills, Creams, Capsule Representative and more on


Pakistan Online Store now available. Pills, Creams, Capsule Representative and more on