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Wanda Berry, University of Sydney
When I came to know about MyAssignmenthelp, I did not have any idea that they will provide me such an impressive service. Many of my classmates informed that they have availed their paper help service and are quite satisfied with it. But, I used to hesitate a bit about hiring such a service. As I did not have any experience prior, I always assumed that the services will not be worth my money.
But, on the other hand, I was also unsure about my English assignment. I am always very bad at managing time. Moreover, I have a habit of procrastination. Even if I try hard to avoid it, I definitely fail. Hence, I had no option left but to hire a professional essay writing service.
As my friend always trusted, I thought of choosing them. I did not have much time to research on internet and find out which service can be the best for me. I trusted my friend and selected But, yes, I did navigate their website and try to understand their service and features. So, let me tell you the whole story about how this service helped me to overcome the fear of missing the deadline and scoring good grades.
When I searched about, I came to know that they have been serving the help seekers for almost a decade. I had no idea about their experience. When I visited their website, I came to know about a lot of things. They have 4500+ expert writers. Many of them are PhD holders from reputed universities.
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When checked for more features, I noticed that the service has 4.9/5 rating by satisfied customers. They offer different type of help services for coursework. Starting from college essay to dissertations, they have the solutions for all. When I checked thoroughly, I noticed that a huge range of subject coverage is also there. Starting from English to Programming, they possess subject-oriented experts for each.
I decided to hire them and take a chance. 

Price and Offers

Although, I wanted to hire a paper writing service, I always feared that it would be beyond my budget. However, did not fail to surprise me when I checked their prices. They have a pretty moderate rate for every assignment, dissertations or essays. They fix their prices according to the type of coursework, word count and deadline. I compared their price with other services. Surprisingly, has an affordable price to offer.
When I placed my order, I came to know about the lucrative discount they offer. They offer up to 30% discount on purchases. I was one of those fortunate souls to get the offer. When I placed the order and proceed to pay, the discount showed lesser money than I expected. I was so happy regarding the fact that I will not have to squeeze my pocket money.
They also have an attractive referral bonus policy. The friend who recommended me received an amount referral bonus. The money was added to his wallet which he used for another purchase. It is indeed quite exciting.
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Refund Policy

I read in some of the testimonials that no other service can provide such a hassle-free refund policy for the students. Many of the students mention that although they have certain terms and conditions, they never delay to pay back the money if the claim is legitimate.
My friends also told me the same. He needed a refund for his college essay because accidentally he paid twice for the same academic paper. When he sent them both the receipt, they gave the money within just few hours. I found it to be quite impressive.


When I hired expert writers from, I was worried about the deadline. I knew how essential it was to meet the deadline at any cost. Everyone told me not to be worried, but my mind was not ready to accept unless the work was delivered.
I kept on asking them about the progress of my work and they replied to every email promptly. But, I was totally awestruck when they delivered the work even before the promised date. They gave me plenty of time to revise the paper and find out if there is anything with it. I heard from my friend that never misses the deadline. But, when I experienced it, I trusted them and decided to hire them for my next purchase.

Quality of the Work

When they submitted the work way before the date, I was worried about the quality. But, when I started checking the paper, I was utterly satisfied. They maintained a consistent quality all over my English assignment. Starting from the research to the analysis and explanation all were nicely portrayed.
In addition to it, they also followed each and every instruction given in the job card. I was sure my teachers will be readily impressed. And, that is what happened. When I submitted my work, the teachers were so impressed that I scored top grades in the semester. Not only that, they kept my assignment as a sample to show my juniors as one of the best works to be submitted that year. All credit goes to for making my academic paper a flawless one.

Customer Support Team has the best customer support team. Their replies are prompt and I never had to wait for my queries to be resolved. They are available for 24 hours. I always availed their live chat option even late at night and they are always there to reply.
Whenever I mailed them asking about the progress of my work, they mailed back with all the details. They indeed have a strong and responsive customer support team. genuine reviews and rating gave by the Students. Myassignmenthelp review page highlight what the company is delivery to the student.

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Essay editing is no less than a creative exercise.  It allows an individual to explore several avenues, research materials and the latest news across the world in order to produce content enriched with rational perspectives, factual data and personal opinions. Even though the task appears to be interesting, things might turn complicated for an individual who lacks creative ideas to incorporate or adequate research materials to seek references from.

Now that you are struggling to produce the perfect essay, invest some time in reading this blog for suggestions and smart hacks recommended by the academic experts.

It is suggested to write and revise simultaneously

Prof. Fredrick Johansson, an academic counsellor and blogger, suggests that a student must focus on writing and revising the essay at the same time. As a result, they won’t have a huge chunks of paragraphs to evaluate after completing the essay.

Prepare an outline of your ideas prior to writing

It is said that the students must invest enough time in preparing a diagram of their ideas. For example, if the essay topic is argumentative in nature, focus on outlining the paper based on the following aspects.

  • The primary context of argument.
  • Sources that would validate your argument.
  • Goal or primary objective behind drafting the essay.
  • Types of literature or archived journals you would explore to draft the essay.

Validation of sources should be your top priority

You may compose the essay with ample sources and case studies in support of the primary point of discussion.

Unless you are citing those sources and validating their origin, the entire work would eventually be subjected to plagiarism.

Abide by the rules of referencing

University professors and academic writers emphasise on the context of referencing. Unless an essay writing helper follows the correct format of referencing and abide by its conventions, the work won’t be regarded as a flawless piece. Here are a few basic rules of referencing one must consider taking note of.

  • The reference list should be on a separate sheet at the end of the document.
  • Organise the reference list in alphabetical order.
  • There should be full or blank line of space between each line of text.

Now that you are aware of the strategies recommended by the experts, put your best foot forward, incorporate the suggestions and produce a winning essay this semester.

Good luck!

Taylor Ruth 4 months ago

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After finishing a dissertation, it is easy to get complacent. The student is feeling accomplished. They feel as if the battle has been won. In doing so, they ignore the biggest threat to their grades: plagiarism. To better combat plagiarism, it must be understood what it actually means. In general, copying and pasting someone else’s work without proper acknowledgment is termed plagiarism. However, simply paraphrasing the content, using a thesaurus, or changing the voice won’t help. The reason why original content is so in-demand is that universities and teachers want to know what you think. However, since there is nothing new under the sun, accidental plagiarism is very hard to avoid. As such, here are three simple ways to get rid of plagiarism in your dissertation topics:

Use a plagiarism checker.

Your teachers and professors will be using one, so you should get your hands on one too. It pays to be prepared. A good plagiarism checker like Grammarly or Turnitin will help you see which parts of your dissertation are plagiarised. Avoid free online checks as these are seldom good. You can make the necessary changes until the software certifies your work as original. At least then it won’t be apparent if your teacher runs it through a plagiarism checker of their own. Read more:

As soon as students enroll in the university program, they require to write a lot of assignments each semester and writing this assignment is mandatory. Otherwise, they will get very poor grades in their academic university year. If you guys are not getting enough time to complete your assignment and seeking help then hire assignment writer and get services like assignment help.


If you’re a college student, you’re probably swamped with essays. If you’re drowning in them and can see no end to your misery, we are here to tell you that help is on the way! In fact, there is more help than you probably knew. In this blog, we will discuss the few basic types of help you can count on during your college days.

The first source of help is obviously your professor. They are employed for that one job. Whatever doubt you have, you can approach them at any time. They are an expert in their field and have the knowledge to set you straight. Whatever your need, contact them. There is no need to be shy. You are not a bother if you have a problem. Your professor will appreciate it. You'll show them that you're taking the task seriously.

However, this will be the first thought of most students. So, if you find your professor busy, don't fret. The next source of help you can avail are your fellow peers. Ask a classmate to be your accountability partner. Meet up outside class and go through each other's work. Having a second set of eyes study your essay will bring to light several issues you may have missed. You can also create a study group. Students may take help from the essay writing services. This gives you not one, but multiple proofreaders and editors for absolutely no cost!

If, however, you find that your friends are busy with their essays, there are always online essay helpers. These people, for a small fee, will do all the work for you, so you don't have to. Not only will you not have to worry about a thing, but you'll also have PhD holding experts on your side. When they're done, your essay will be both plagiarism and error-free. It will also appear in your mailbox days before the deadline so that you can take it easy.

Whatever you choose to do, though, know that you're never alone. To get the help you need, you have to do the most challenging thing: ask. Once you do that, several doors you never knew existed will open up. If you have anything more you want to add not covered in this post, do let us know! Good luck with all your essays!

The Chicago format of referencing originated from University of Chicago and represented standard form of acknowledging the source materials along with a mention of publications. It is internationally used in the humanities subject and puts across a scope of citing a wider source materials. Chicago referencing presents a set standard format for citation of sources through using footnotes. The use of a source includes the mention of the superscript number given to the footnote mostly containing the publication details. A reference list or bibliography comprise of the publication details provided in the end with the sources placed in an alphabetical order using the last name of the author. The very first line of footnote must remain indented and the following line of reference should remain indented. Chicago referencing can also be generated online using a tool. The Chicago style citation maker represents an online tool which is designed for creating the formatted reference tool or the bibliography in a matter of 5 minutes.

Chicago reference generator is a manual style presently in its 16th edition and has been created for helping the researchers to properly cite the sources. The Chicago referencing generator acts as a guide that helps in displaying notes and bibliography referencing style and does not remain associated with official publishers of style. However, the bibliography put across by Chicago citation generator represents list of various sources used in a paper. The list comprises of key publication details of the various sources. The bibliography should follow a format where the citation list or the bibliography should remain single spaced, last name of authors should be alphabetically arranged and second line of a source must remain indented.

On the other hand, the Chicago footnote style either puts forward details of the source in the footnote or enough details thereby allowing the readers in identifying source of reference list. Nevertheless, the information provided in the footnotes usually vary. Complete details of the source must be provided for the first time when the source gets cited. The shortened versions of its subsequent uses following a complete reference must be provided in reference list.

Qualitative Research :-

Strengths: - Qualitative research is a scientific method of research that includes observations in gathering important data. This type of research helps in delivering the actual meaning, concepts, symbols and descriptions of the topic.
Qualitative research provide various important information that will help the respondents to carry out the research.

Qualitative research can be applied in every discipline of the subjects that may be related to social & natural sciences. This will help in providing depth information on the research paper topics that can easily help the respondents to properly observe the findings.

In this type of research, it helps to simplify the complex findings to make easy for the readers.

This type of research allows flexibility in the research.

This type of research method allows to become more responsive for the readers. This will also help the needs of other stakeholders.

Weaknesses: - In this type of research, gathering the data is time consuming.

Inspite of data gathering, analysing of the data is also time consuming for the researches.

The interpretation of the result is sometime gets biased according to the researchers perspective.

The conclusions found in this sometimes not properly organised. This is because some of the topics or subjects are having unique features according to different respondents.

Quantitative Research

Strengths: - Quantitative research provides data that is available in numbers that can be easily applied in the statistical test and to interpret the data. This will also help to make a descriptive analysis on various statistical method like ANOVA, multiple correlations and other statistical analysis method.

This will create an automatic means of collecting the data like surveys and other statistical way.

Quantitative studies will help in providing data in more descriptive way that provides crucial information in the study to easily interpret the data.

Weakness: - In this type of research, the data can be easily manipulated like the sample size can be changed to determine the exact result.

If the sample size take n in this study is compared using small sample size, then the result may give fail statistical findings even if the findings are accurate.

This involves an improper representation of the targeted population that has been used in the research.

There is a lack of proper for collecting the data. This is because it generally requires a larger sample size for getting the exact result. In any case, the data is not correct because of political, government, public service and organizational constraints.

While conducting this type of research, some of the researchers face problems to control their environment during survey. They sometimes will have to depend on the time frame rather than depending on the quality of data.

It only provides limited outcomes related to the findings. It is limited to the research proposal.

This is more expensive and time consuming as compared to qualitative research methodology. This is because the survey process will require a lot of time to distribute the questions and receive feedback from respondents.

Information provider:- MyAssignmenthelp


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Irrespective of the fact whether the company claims to be the best in trade or not, a student should always be responsible enough in finding out the real truth behind every advertisement made by the firm. Thus, the best way to do so is by visiting and taking a close look at the feedbacks written by the students. If you choose to take enough time in reading the reviews, then it will also help you to understand whether the executives are capable of sending across the task on time, without fail. On the contrary, despite having urgencies if you choose to be in haste and end up associating with an amateur firm, then the urgent task submission priority of yours might not remain in safe hands. This is the reason why students should always consider reading genuine reviews before placing orders and specifying priorities.

If you want to know whether is a legit site to work with, then it will always be wise on your part to read the reviews at before drawing a conclusion. If you want to post reviews about online writing sites and help other students know the truth, then you are most welcome to do so.

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